Why Governance matters

Successful organizations know that companies that follow well-accepted principles of “good governance” have less risk and generate greater long term value for their shareholders than comparable companies with less robust governance practices.

“Governance” includes how the board is structured and how it operates, the board’s approach to executive compensation and shareholder engagement and the board’s oversight of the company’s risk management policies, including its environmental and social risks.

Clear Governance provides governance consulting services to boards and senior executives of small and medium size public companies. Principal Consultant, Jacqueline Jordan offers deep knowledge together with practical experience in implementing governance protocols.

  • support for board and committee meetings

  • recording and drafting minutes

  • the role of the board, committee and management

  • board and CEO performance standards and evaluation

  • advice on best practices in governance

  • Board compensation

  • developing disclosure documents such as management proxy circulars, annual information forms

  • drafting quarterly and annual reports

  • planning for the proxy season

  • regulatory compliance

  • shareholder issues

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